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If you are looking for an affordable yet detailed replica then look no further.  TWR Replicas specialise in building to order detailed replicas of Le Mans competition cars. We also build in-house our own 60’s LMP replica in Aluminium or GRP and will be expanding that range to include the LM220C and other Le Mans prototypes with V12 or V8 supercharged engine solutions. Previously we have been European agents for The Sports Car Factory, manufacturers of the SCF 13 of which we completed 3 builds.


What we offer you the customer is a quality product based on fully sorted kit solutions.  Our niche in the market is to build as near a replica, from commercially available kits, of the Le Mans 24hrs cars raced or intended to be raced by a Coventry based manufacturer but we will also apply our attention to detail and expertise for customers looking to have other makes built-to-order.  Whilst a tame, visually close, road version of the cars can be built, most customers prefer to opt for the replica with tuned engine and accurate detailing, which provides not only that second look required to ascertain if it is the real thing but the performance on the road you would expect.


This is the difference you get with TWRR from other replica and kit cars currently on the road.  We aim to fulfil your desires within a reasonable budget.  You can spend more, much more, but more doesn’t always mean detail, replication, performance or all of the aforementioned in one car.


TWR Replicas are adapting to market demands and now primarily supply aluminium bodies, our new models to be introduced will be offered in the latest lightweight GRP solution.  All of our cars will now complete the IVA test as part of the build process removing any question of registration and log book legality.

Welcome to TWR Racing

Le Mans 24hr Race Replicas