Built by Tom Walkinshaw this is our replica of the super car which raced in the GT endurance champion- ship and at the Le Mans 24hrs 1993, were it finished first in GT class, later to be disqualified by the ACO on a technical specification issue.


TWRR are in the throws of assembling the prototype car from CAD software to provide the enthusiast with a simile built on our own chassis as used under the TWRR LMP car.


Supplied in part built and complete Built-to-Order format the TWRR LM220C will be a stunning replica- tion offering usability and drive-ability on the road, despite being a race car replica. There are few com- forts planned for the interior, except air con, but the real thrill of owing one of these cars will be the sound of the 6.4ltr V12 or supercharged V8 motor purring less than 12 inches behind you as you accelerate.


The body is high strength composite with our modular strong tubular space frame chassis, running gear comes from recycled and fully refurbished parts as does the braking system but you will have the option to change the discs and callipers to your preferred manufacturer.


For something stunning and very rare, why not choose the TWRR LM220C ?


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