Genuine versions come to market very rarely and when they do the price is well beyond that of the average man in the street, which is where the TWRR LM53 fits into the market.  TWR Replicas offer their entry level LM53 built from the ‘Heritage’ kit made from high spec GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) the bodywork is a simile of the 1953 car and the tubular space-frame the body it sits on, cosmetically replicates the original chassis.


For those that require an Aluminium body, we are also able to fulfil this requirement.

There are several major differences from the original design and specifications, which are aimed at improving performance and further reducing the cost of procuring what are now hard to find components.

The engine, main suspension and running gear components are taken from a donor vehicle. The 4.2 engine offers much better performance and reliability then the original tuned 3.4 version, this is mated to a modern Toyota 5-speed offering better gearing and smoother changes. The rear IRS axle’s with shortened wishbones and drive shafts present a reliable and economic alternative to locating and shortening a solid axle assembly. Everything else on the car is either custom made to replicate the original or is refurbished, as this car is built from the chassis up modern components are used ensuring there are no reliability issues often associated with classic or vintage cars.



Pricing for a complete car start at £55k+ extras, finished in the colour of your choice. Delivery of the car is usually 6 -8 months from placing a 25% deposit (dependant on orders currently being completed) and includes shake down mileage testing and final tuning.


Various stages of completion and kit formats are available for those of you with the facilities and skills to complete, at all times TWR Replicas are available to assist with advice on kit assembly, you will not be delivered a box of bits and left to complete in the dark.


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The 'Heritage' kit is owned and manufactured by

Realm Engineering